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Other Commercial Licenses

The persons selling and purchasing licenses are responsible for their own terms and conditions. The VMRC will not participate in any negotiations between the two parties. The license regulations are not intended to create any property right in anyone, and the Commission reserves the right to change regulations at any time it deems it necessary because of biological conditions, and to change the regulation in all other respects at any time it deems it necessary to carry out its statutory mission.

The physical transfer of any license must be approved by the Marine Resources Commission. When you are ready to proceed with the physical transfer of a license call (757) 247-2248, for information on how to proceed with the legal transfer.  Note that as of 2009, some inactive crab licensees have been put on a waiting list and are not eligible to purchase an active crab license - make sure when you plan to obtain a transferred crab license that the license will be authorized to actively crab and is not "wait listed" (this should also be checked by MRC personnel when you do the official transfer).

If you are a VA registered commercial fisherman and wish to be added to this list, email the information you wish to post to . You must include your  commercial registration number.  Items more than one year old will be automatically removed; if you would like your information removed from the list earlier please send an email to the address above.

Information is posted in reverse chronological order.

Wish to sell licenses
1.) 255 Pot Hard Crab License
2.) 24' Boat and trailer with everything needed
3.) 120 Crab pots used 4 months- ready to go extra frames, bouys, dip tank, oyster dredges and hydraulic stump rig.

All or Part - Call 804-436-5487 for more info and prices.

added 10/1/18
For Sale 256/425 crab pot license and Watermanís card. $21000

Call or text Mason at 757-510-1084

added 1/10/16
For Sale: Virginia waterman's card and 170/255 crab pot license for sale, $14,500.

Call 757-621-3562

added 1/10/16
For Sale: 210 peeler pot license

$5,000, current is active, ready to go

Call or text Troy 804-815-0542

added 8/9/18
46 FT Chesapeake Deadrise Detroit diesel 6V-92T w/ new dual turbochargers easily starts, good working crab snatch, many extras.  Ready to Fish $54,900 OBO
Associated Licenses for Sale:
Prices if purchased separately__if purchased with boat
Commercial Watermans License $3,000_______________$2,000
Class A Gill Net License $2,800_______________$2,000
255 Crab pot license
All 3 licenses (save $1,000)

added 8/10/18
For Sale:  Single Crab Scrape License for $500.00

Call 757-709-2914 and ask for Mark Beasley

added 8/27/18  

added 7/30/18
Hard Crab Pot License for Sale

85 Pot license $5,000.00.

Call 804 450-4362 or email

added 8/1/18
For sale: 85 pot hard crab license with pots $5000 OBO

Call/Text Tanner 7576134036

added 06/21/2018
255 pot hard crab licence $17,500.


added 06/27/2018
For Sale:
255 hard crab license $10,500.
Peeler pot license $3,500.00.


added 5/21/18
Commercial Hook and Line License
VMRC requires a record of 1000 pounds of seafood sales in the previous 2 years
$9,500 Or Best Offer

added 5/29/18

CALL 804-815-8032

added 4/16/18
  VA Commercial Hook and Line License for Sale.

Buyer can contact Mark @ 757-647-1965, CALL OR TEXT

ASKING $5000

added 2/16/18
210 Peeler Pot License @ $4,000.
Call: 410-251-0741

updated 3/30/18
For Sale: 210 peeler pot license.

Call or text Deven @ (757)528-9259

added 1/16/18
For Sale:  Commercial Card and Class A Gill Net License, $3,000

Contact Mark at 757-652-2693

added 1/23/18
For Sale: Commercial Card and Class A Gill net permit $2400.

Call 804-366-5151.

added 11/13/17
For Sale: Commercial registration card with hand-harvest oyster permit

$2500.00 OBO

Call or text Ken @ 410-375-7167

added 11/29/17  
For Sale:  Commercial Registration card and Double Hand Scrape for sale, $3000.

Call 443-397-3765.

added 1/8/18
For Sale: Crab pot license and waterman's card, 300 pot.


Harry Lee Jackmon Jr. 757-256-2863

added 11/09/2017
For Sale: 85 pot hard crab license, $4,000.00


Added 11/9/17
For Sale: Commercial Registration card $2500 call or text 804-761-9647

added 11/13/17
For Sale: 150 pot license and 60-80 pots

$8,000.00 firm


added 10/18/2017  
For Sale: Peeler pot license- 210 pot

Call Ethan 804-761-7213

added 10/19/17
For Sale: 210 Peeler License. $6,000 or best offer. Contact Milton Annis Jr at 757-709-8689

added 10/23/17


Licenses Wanted

Wanted: Oyster User Fee for all Gear. With or without Commercial Waterman Card.

Call or text 804.761.7536 Steve

added 10/16/18
Wanted: Watermenís Harvest Card.

Call Thomas Preston 540-369-5011

added 10/16/18
Wanted: Commercial waterman's card

Contact Charles Milroy at 757-751-5873

added 3/21/18
Looking to buy a commercial crab trotline license please call or text 757-710-0833.

added 6/11/18
Wanted: want to buy a oyster user fee license. Call/Text Tanner 757-613-4036

added 6/11/18
Wanted: VA watermans card.. willing to pay $1600

Contact Tony Moore at 757-374-9754

added 2/27/18
Wanted: commercial crabbing trot line license.

Call Larry S Shores Jr at 804-815-0235

added 2/16/18
Want to buy VA commercial card and oyster all gear user fee.

Call/text 323-470-0139.

added 1/31/18

Call 804-436-2122

added 1/22/18
Wanted: inshore conch license and 255 hard crab license
Call/text 757-544-4247 Lewis

added 12/4/17
  Agent available here for 2018 crab pot season Paying 2000.00 for 255 crab pot license for the season Call Jason at 540-623-6373 or text.

added 10/19/17
Looking good for va crab pot license.

Phone 757-709-4306

added 10/19/17

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