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Other Commercial Licenses

The persons selling and purchasing licenses are responsible for their own terms and conditions. The VMRC will not participate in any negotiations between the two parties. The license regulations are not intended to create any property right in anyone, and the Commission reserves the right to change regulations at any time it deems it necessary because of biological conditions, and to change the regulation in all other respects at any time it deems it necessary to carry out its statutory mission.

The physical transfer of any license must be approved by the Marine Resources Commission. When you are ready to proceed with the physical transfer of a license call (757) 247-2248, for information on how to proceed with the legal transfer.  Note that as of 2009, some inactive crab licensees have been put on a waiting list and are not eligible to purchase an active crab license - make sure when you plan to obtain a transferred crab license that the license will be authorized to actively crab and is not "wait listed" (this should also be checked by MRC personnel when you do the official transfer).

If you are a VA registered commercial fisherman and wish to be added to this list, email the information you wish to post to . You must include your  commercial registration number.  Items more than one year old will be automatically removed; if you would like your information removed from the list earlier please send an email to the address above.

Information is posted in reverse chronological order.

Wish to sell licenses
For Sale: Class A Gillnet License

Asking $2,750.

Call (571) 217-5939

added 3/21/17
For Sale:
Potomac River 300 Pot Crabbing License -$7,500.00
24' Fiberglass Boat, open with hydraulic puller andtrailer for storage -$5,000.00

Call 817-819-9768

added 3/24/17
For Sale: Commercial Registration Card $2,000 OBO

Text or call Jake Bradshaw

added 03/17/2017
For Sale: 170 to 255 Hard Crab Pot license $10,000 OBO

Text or call Jake Bradshaw

added 03/17/2017
Commercial Registration license
Peeler Pot 210 or less
Crab Pot 170-255
Crab hand scrape-double
Whole package $10,000
Contact 804-815-3046

added 03/17/2017
For Sale: Virginia commercial crabbing trotline license. $1000 obo.

Contact Wayne Parks 757-891-2480

added 3/9/17
Oyster dredging on public ground & oyster by hand scrape & oyster user fee & all gear


added 3/13/17  
Commercial Waterman's Card with peeler pot license & Class A gill net license


added 3/13/17  

For Sale:
commercial registration card 2500.00
peeler pot license 3000.00
class A gill net license 1500.00
20 tank shedding rig, pipes and all 2800.00
23' carolina skiff 8000.00

call or text 804-436-6365

added 3/7/17
For Sale: Class A gill net permit, $2000

call 757-891-2449

added 2/22/17
For Sale: VA 210 peeler license and 6 floats. $5000

Call or text 804-824-6526

added 2/27/17
For Sale:
Peeler Pot license and Waterman's Card



added 3/02/17
For Sale: Class "A" Gill Net License $4000.00.  Many gill nets and gear available, reasonable prices.

210 Peeler Pot License $4500.00.

Please call 804-725-3666

added 2/8/17
For Sale:
Commercial card - $2,500
Class A Gill Net license - $3,750
also 2 10' stainless steel sinks with water hook-ups, great for shedding - $1750

call 757-635-7296

added 02/15/2017


ALL FOR $7500

CALL 804-436-3581

added 2/22/17
For Lease: 25 acres oyster land in Deep Creek in Eastern Shore VA

Contact Ronald Evans

added 01/31/2017  
For Sale: Double Scrape License asking $2000.00 O.B.O.

Contact Ronald Evans

added 01/31/2017
For sale: Commercial registration license. $2500

Call 757-748-2892

added 2/6/17
For Sale:  Class A gill net license for $4000 OBO.

Call 804-761-0543.

re-posted 1/23/17
  For Sale:

CALL 804-815-4371

added 1/19/17
For Sale: Gear license & crab hand-scrape single

call: 757-710-7819

added 12/29/2016  
For Sale: gill net license
$5000.00 O.B.O.
consider trade for Va hard-pot license

call: 540-360-5378

added 11/22/2016  

CALL/TEXT WALLY…804-761-1734

added 11/28/16
For Sale: Commercial reg card, 300 peeler pot license & class A gill net license. $6000.00 or best offer.

call 540-360-5378

added 12/12/2016   
For sale: Commercial Registration Card and Class A Gill Net permit.

Call 757-898-6094 or

Added 11/07/16   
For Sale:  210 peeler license for sale or trade. $5000 obo

Call 804-824-6526 or email

added 11/16/16
For Sale: 255 Hard Crab Pot. $10,000 or best offer.

Call Milton Annis Jr. at 757-709-8689.

added 11/17/16
  For Sale: 85 crab pot license $4,000

70 fully rigged crab pots made new this year also available for $1500

Jerad Fuelling

added 8/29/16
For Sale:  Commercial Registration License


Call 757-685-9880

added 8/24/16
For Sale – Crab hand scrape double license


Call 757-509-2273

added 8/24/16
For Sale: 300 pot crab license
$6000 O.B.O.


added 04/08/2016  
For sale: 210 peeler pot license. $5500 obo.
Call or text 804-824-6526

added 6/14/16
For Sale:  Peeler pot 210
$5,000.00 obo

Call 703-296-8511

added 8/3/16
For Sale:  Commercial card with 85 crabpot license. $5200


added 5/24/16
  For Sale: 210 peeler pot license
$3800 OBO.
Contact Allen Powell 804-384-8798

updated 6/6/16
FOR SALE: 255 Pot Hard Crab License
$10,000 or best offer
Please call Kenny Jenkins at (804) 815-0439

added 5/17/16
For Sale: 2 Pound Net LIcenses: $3500 Each
Class A Gill Net License: $2500
Black Drum Harvest Permit: $2500
Please call Mark Bender (757) 331-3895

added 4/21/16
For Sale:  85 pot crab pot license
$4,000 or best offer

Robert carpenter

added 5/6/16
FOR SALE 210 PEELER POT LICENSE $6000 or best offer CALL 804-815-4371

added 3/7/16
For Sale: Class A gillnet license: $3500.00
Some 600 ft gillnets for sale Mast, gaff, base plate, all stainless cables for rigging for Carolina skiff (could work on other boats) for oyster dredging


added 03/28/2016  


Licenses Wanted

looking for a VA conch pot permit. Call or text 757 350 0201

added 3/13/17
Wanted: Potomac River HIL license

Call Frank 443-223-5603

added 1/17/17
Wanted to buy or lease 2017 Bay Rockfish Quota. Willing to pay top dollar. Please call Edwin at 804-241-5676. 

added 1/20/17
Wanted:  crab pot license from 85 to 255.

Call 804-761-2974 or email

added 3/6/17
Looking to purchase by transfer oyster dredge/ hand scrape license. Also looking for commercial card Call or Text 757-710-2626

added 12/30/16 
Looking for a 255/300 hard crab.

Will meet sellers price.

Call Austen at 804-384-2211

added 1/11/17
Looking to purchase by transfer a PUBLIC OYSTER ALL GEAR USER FEE LICENSE
Need ASAP… or text 804-695-4453 leave message if no answer

added 9/1/16
Looking to purchase a 170-255 Virginia crab pot license must be a active license and not on a waiting list will pay top dollar for it.

Call/text 804-695-7720

added 10/31/16
Wanted: VA Commercial Card

Call Brian 757-679-0383

added 12/6/16
Looking for a Virginia conch permit.

Call or text 757-710-5229.

added 8/5/16
Wanted: Commercial card will pay top dollar


added 8/10/16
Wanted: Commercial license and/or 300 pot crab license.

Call (804) 761-1572

added 8/10/16
Wanted: would like to purchase a VA waterman’s card; also looking for a gill net license and nets.

Call or text 804-725-6418

updated 7/6/16
Looking to buy Potomac River commercial crab license.

Please call or text 301-481-7949.

added 7/22/16
Looking for Va. commercial card and hard crab pot.

Call Lewis 757-544-4247

added 7/26/16
Wanting to purchase commercial registration card.
Wanting to purchase commercial hook and line license.

Text or call 540-624-2273

added 5/24/16

CALL 804-815-4371

added 6/3/16
Wanted:  Virginia crab trotline license. Call/text 757-710-0833

added 6/6/16
Commerical card and class A gill net license and a drum permit if anyone has one. 757-710-2968 

added 04/04/16
Want to trade 210 peeler pot license for crabbing license

Contact: 804-824-6526

added 4/21/16
CALL OR TEXT (804)-824-6526

added 4/25/16
Wanted: Black Drum harvest permit.  

Text or call 757-615-3947.

added 03/29/16
Commercial crab license wanted.

Call or text Tom Walker (757)773-4083  

added 04/04/16
Looking for a va conch permit not looking to pay a arm and a leg call 443-521-4827 john 

added 04/04/16

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