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List of Speakers for Angler's Groups

Please contact the speakers, directly
Contact Name Contact Info Topics
Chris Bonzek
* Variable availability depending on surveys
Phone: 804-684-7291
1) The Chesapeake Bay Multispecies Monitoring and Assessment Program (ChesMMAP)
2) The Northeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (NEAMAP)
Dr. John Graves
Professor of Marine Science
Phone: 804-684-7352
1) Population structure of bluefin tuna
2) Billfishes: the species and population structure
3) Use of pop-up satellite tags to study post-release survival and habitat preference of white marlin and blue marlin
4) Use of molecular genetic techniques for fish identification
5) Domestic and international management of highly migratory species
Dr. Bob Orth
Seagrass Biologist
Not available April, May, June, October, and November
Phone: 804-684-7392
1) Seagrass
Debra Parthree
* Not available Wednesday nights
Phone: 804-684-7891
1) Diet analysis of fish species (X) based on (Y) factors
X=Atlantic croaker, striped bass, weakfish, summer flounder, blue catfish, silver perch
Y=habitat, month, year, season, fish age, fish size
Dr. Wolfgang Vogelbein
Fish Pathologist
Phone: 804-684-7261
1) Striped bass mycobacteriosis in Chesapeake Bay
2) Pfiesteria
3) Cancer in Chesapeake Bay fishes......the role of chemical pollution


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