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What You Should Do When You Catch a Tagged Fish

1) Write down the tag number (if you release the fish); or cut off the tag. Note: if the tag is covered with algae or other growth, do not scrape the growth off the tag, since this could destroy the number on the tag. If you do not have the means to write down the tag number or if the tag number is not clear, please cut off the tag and keep it - even if you release the fish - the tag number is the fish's identification number and it is vital to have the correct number.

2) Measure the fish's length and write down the species and both its total length and fork length. Estimate the length if you do not have a measuring device.

3) Write down the date, the exact location, and how the fish was caught.

4) Record any other information about the fish that could be useful; for example, any unusual markings or wounds.

5) Contact the agency listed on the tag. The agency that tagged the fish will instruct you on what to do with the information. Many agencies offer rewards for tag information and many agencies will provide background information on the tagged fish to you.

To identify the VA Game Fish Tagging Program Tags from other tagging studies here are some things to look for:

Orange T-Bar tag under dorsal fin - TB ##### REWARD - Report Online or Call (757) 491-5160


Orange Dart tag under dorsal fin - DS ##### REWARD or SD ##### REWARD Report Online or call (757) 491-5160

To report VA Game Fish Tagging Program Tags, Report Online or call (757) 491-5160

Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament
Virginia Gamefish Tagging Program
Attn: Lewis Gillingham
2600 Washington Ave, 3rd Floor
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 491 - 5160
(757) 247-8014 (fax) 

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