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Striped Bass (Rockfish) Quota Sales

Striped Bass Quota and Permit for Sale


1,000 LBS. PLUS

Call: 410-251-0741

updated 12/15/17

Striped bass quota for sale

Call 757-709-8832

added 06/28/17
2017 bay quota for lease. 991 lbs $2.00/lb obo.

Call 757-619-5028

added 2/7/17
2017 bay quota for lease,
up to 10,000 lbs.


added 3/7/17  

Information on this page is submitted by Registered Commercial Fishermen who wish to purchase or lease striped bass quota. Fishermen, who currently hold striped bass quota and wish to sell or lease the quota, may contact those listed.  If you are a VA registered commercial fisherman and wish to be added to this list, E-mail the information you wish to post to . You must include your MRC ID.   Please indicate in your request how long you would like your information posted.   Items more than one year old will be removed.

DISCLAIMER: The persons selling and purchasing quota are responsible for their own terms and conditions. The VMRC will not participate in any negotiations between the two parties. The regulation (4 VAC 20-252-10 et seq.) is not intended to create any property right in anyone, and the Commission reserves the right to change this regulation at any time it deems it necessary because of biological conditions, and to change the regulation in all other respects at any time it deems it necessary to carry out its statutory mission. Click to view 4 VAC 20-252-10 et seq., "Pertaining to the Taking of Striped Bass".

The commercial striped bass fishery has limited entry. Criteria to participate in the commercial striped bass fishery is specified by VMRC Regulation 4 VAC20-252-10 et. seq.. Call (757) 247-2243 or e-mail Jill Ramsey (Include return e-mail address, name and phone number in body of message) for more information on obtaining a striped bass Bay or Ocean permit.

To commercially fish for striped bass in Virginia, you must be a registered commercial fisherman, have a striped bass permit and quota for the current year. You must also purchase a current year gear license for the gear you intend to use to catch the fish.

The physical transfer of striped bass quota must be approved by the Commissioner of Marine Resources and the information regarding the transfer must be noted on the permits that go with the quota. Both parties must agree as to whether the transfer is permanent or temporary. When you are ready to proceed with the physical transfer of quota call (757) 247-2237, for information on how to proceed with the legal transfer.

Information is posted in chronological order.

Wish to Purchase or Lease Striped Bass Quota
Wanted to buy or lease 2017 Bay Rockfish Quota. Willing to pay top dollar. Please call Edwin at 804-241-5676. 

added 1/20/17


Call: 410-251-0741

updated 12/15/17

I would like to lease ocean rock tags for 2018 season I will pay 3.00 per lb call 757-894-2553 permit # 0631

added 12/28/17


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