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Note:  to see public notices for proposed regulatory actions, upcoming meeting dates and past meeting minutes use the Agency Meeting Calendar.

March 2018

March 16, 2018: Results of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Hearing held today have been posted. [Meeting Summary]

February 2018

February 27, 2018: The Virginia Marine Resources Commission Board today declined to curtail recreational speckled trout season or catch limits and decided not to further extend the oyster season. Unseasonably cold temperatures in early January resulted in some mortality in the speckled trout stocks and iced in oyster harvesters for a time, but the board noted the lack of science to show whether management changes would have any impact on the stocks and pointed out the oyster season already was extended in five hand scrape areas for seven work days earlier this month to compensate for reduced weather-related harvests.  [Meeting Summary]

February 26, 2018:
Attention all Interested Parties: At the request of the National Park Service, the Dyke Marsh proposal will NOT be heard by the Commission board at its Feb. 27, 2018 meeting. This matter will not be addressed at this month’s meeting. It will be rescheduled for the Commission’s March 27, 2018 meeting. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

February 22, 2018: 
NOAA has announced changes to the Federal Reporting System for For-Hire Fisheries. Starting March 12, 2018, vessels issued a federal charter/party permit for a Mid-Atlantic managed fishery will be required to submit electronic vessel trip reports for all trips carrying passengers for hire. [Notice NOAA Web Site]

February 16, 2018: 
The Commission's Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament announced today that there will be no changes in citation rules or citation requirements for 2018.  [Press Release]

February 15, 2018:
  Effective 12:01 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Thursday March 1, 2018, the Directed Virginia Offshore Summer Flounder Fishery will open for vessels with a Virginia Summer Flounder Endorsement License. [Notice]

January 2018

January 31, 2018:  NOAA Fisheries announced today that a voluntary vessel speed restriction zone (Dynamic Management Area - DMA) has been established 54 nautical miles east-southeast of Virginia beach, Virginia (see map in NMFS Notice) to protect an aggregation of 3 right whales sighted in this area on January 26, 2018. [NMFS Notice]

NOAA Fisheries also announced a February recreational season in 2018 for the black sea bass fishery. The current black sea bass recreational management measures of a 12.5-inch minimum size and 15-fish possession limit apply during the February 1-28 federal season. Federal measures for the rest of the 2018 recreational black sea bass fishery will be developed through a separate action to be implemented later this spring. [NMFS Notice]

January 25, 2018:
The Finfish Management Advisory Committee will meet at the VMRC Main Office on the 4rth Floor on February 12 at 6 pm to discuss cold stun events and impacts on Virginia finfish species. The discussion will not be limited to speckled trout, but that is the key species affected by this winter’s temperature regime.  Interested parties are welcome to attend.  

January 23, 2018:
Due to recent unseasonably frigid weather conditions, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission board today voted unanimously to extend the oyster season by seven days for the five hand scrape harvest areas that were scheduled to close on Jan. 31. As a result, those area will remain open through Feb. 9. The agency’s Shellfish Management Advisory Committee will meet on Feb. 1 to make recommendations on whether to similarly extend the oyster season in harvest areas scheduled to close Feb. 28. In other action, the board voted 7-1 to approve the Mountain Valley natural gas pipeline with 10 permit conditions designed to minimize the construction impacts to 18 water body crossings.
[Meeting Summary]

January 22, 2018:  The scheduled Jan. 23, 2018 public hearing on the National Park Service’s proposal concerning Dyke Marsh in Fairfax County will NOT be heard by the Commission Board at this meeting, due to the partial shutdown of the federal government. The hearing will be rescheduled for the Feb. 27 regularly scheduled monthly Commission meeting. The agency regrets any inconvenience to any and all interested parties. This public hearing will NOT be held on Jan. 23, 2018.

January 19, 2018: 
The ASMFC held a public hearing at the Commission Offices on January 16, 2018 to gather public comment on Draft Addendum XXX to the Black Sea Bass Fishery Management Plan. Written comments on Draft Addendum XXX can also be sent to Caitlin Starks, ASMFC FMP Coordinator using the email address,, with Subject line: ‘Draft Addendum XXX Comment’ or mailed to 1050 N. Highland St., Suite 200A-N, Arlington, VA 22201. [ASMFC Notice]

January 3, 2018: This is a notice that 80 percent of the 51,104 pound commercial landings quota for speckled trout has been taken for the season that began on September 1, 2017 and will extend through August 31, 2018.  Effective 12:01 A.M. Saturday, January 6, 2018, it shall be unlawful, for any commercial fisherman registration licensee, to take, harvest, land or possess a daily bycatch limit of more than 100 pounds of speckled trout, and that daily bycatch landing limit of speckled trout shall consist of at least an equal amount of other fish species. When it is projected that the commercial landings quota will be met, the Marine Resources Commission will provide notice of the closing date for commercial harvest and landing of speckled trout; and it shall be unlawful for any person to harvest or land speckled trout for commercial purposes, after such closing date and until September 1, 2018. If you have questions or comments, please contact Jill Ramsey at (757) 247-2243.

December 2017

December 12, 2017: The Virginia Marine Resources Commission board today was briefed on the Elizabeth River Project’s successful and on-going work to clean up contaminated river bottom and restore the health of the Elizabeth River. Great progress has been made, but much more needs to be done, the board was told. In other action, the board unanimously approved a floating “aqua park” on state-owned water bottom at Buckroe Beach in Hampton. [Meeting Summary]

December 6, 2017:  A 6-pound 12-ounce gray triggerfish, caught on November 1, 2017 by Dave Walden of Yorktown, VA has been certified as the initial Virginia State Record for the species by the Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament. The record-setting gray triggerfish measured 18.5 inches (TL) and the fish sported a robust 17-inch girth. [Press Release]

December 4, 2017: VMRC is seeking a commercial representative to sit on the ASMFC South Atlantic multispecies Advisory Panel (AP). Advisory Panels provide feedback to the relevant ASMFC Management Board during the initiation of a Fishery Management Plan (FMP) or during any addendum or amendment to an FMP. AP members represent their respective state and industry and are asked to provide feedback to ASMFC during the three stages of such a process: 1) During the development of a Public Information Document (PID) 2) During the development of a draft FMP, Addendum or Amendment 3) During the public comment period (prior to a Board vote). The ASMFC South Atlantic AP provides guidance on spot, Atlantic croaker, speckled trout, red and black drum, Spanish mackerel and cobia. Interested parties should contact Joe Cimino at or 757-247-2236.

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